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< Qualifier Code > < Qualifer Desc > < Old Code >
AA Sample Pressure out of Limits 9967
AB Technician Unavaliable 9968
AC Construction/Repairs in Area 9969
AD Shelter Storm Damage 9970
AE Shelter Temperature Outside Limits 9971
AF Scheduled but not Collected 9972
AG Sample Time out of Limits 9973
AH Sample Flow Rate out of Limits 9974
AI Insufficient Data (cannot calculate) 9975
AJ Filter Damage 9976
AK Filter Leak 9977
AL Voided by Operator 9978
AM Miscellaneous Void 9979
AN Machine Malfunction 9980
AO Bad Weather 9981
AP Vandalism 9982
AQ Collection Error 9983
AR Lab Error 9984
AS Poor Quality Assurance Results 9985
AT Calibration 9986
AU Monitoring Waived 9987
AV Power Failure 9988
AW Wildlife Damage 9989
AX Precision Check 9990
AY Q C Control Points (zero/span) 9991
AZ Q C Audit 9992
BA Maintenance/Routine Repairs 9993
BB Unable to Reach Site 9994
BC Multi-point Calibration 9995
BD Auto Calibration 9996
BE Building/Site Repair 9997
BF Precision/Zero/Span 9998
BG Missing ozone data not likely to exceed level of standard 9966
BH Interference/co-elution/misidentification 9965
BI Lost or damaged in transit 9964
BJ Operator Error 9963
BK Site computer/data logger down 9962
BL QA Audit 9961
BM Accuracy check 9960
BN Sample Value Exceeds Media Limit 9947
BR Sample Value Below Acceptable Range None
CS Laboratory Calibration Standard 9953
DA Aberrant Data (Corrupt Files, Aberrant Chromatography, Spikes, Shifts) 9951
DL Detection Limit Analyses 9949
E Forest Fire None
FI Filter Inspection Flag 9959
MB Method Blank (Analytical) 9955
MC Module End Cap Missing 9958
QV Quality Control Multi-point Verification None
RA African Dust None
RB Asian Dust None
RC Chem. Spills & Indust. Accidents None
RD Cleanup After a Major Disaster None
RE Demolition None
RF Fire - Canadian None
RG Fire - Mexico/Central America None
RH Fireworks None
RI High Pollen Count None
RJ High Winds None
RK Infrequent Large Gatherings None
RL Other None
RM Prescribed Fire None
RN Seismic Activity None
RO Stratospheric Ozone Intrusion None
RP Structural Fire None
RQ Terrorist Act None
RR Unique Traffic Disruption None
RS Volcanic Eruptions None
RT Wildfire-U. S. None
RU Wildland Fire Use Fire-U. S. None
SA Storm Approaching 9957
SC Sampler Contamination 9948
ST Calibration Verification Standard 9954
TC Component Check & Retention Time Standard 9952
TS Holding Time Or Transport Temperature Is Out Of Specs. 9956
XX Experimental Data 9950