Certification Flags

August 18, 2022

AQS Reference Table

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Downoad a csv version: certification_flags.csv

Certification Flag Certification Status
M The monitoring organization has revised data from this monitor since the most recent certification letter received from the state.
N The certifying agency has submitted the certification letter and required summary reports, but the certifying agency and/or EPA has determined that issues regarding the quality of the ambient concentration data cannot be resolved due to data completeness, the lack of performed quality assurance checks or the results of uncertainty statistics shown in the AMP255 report or the certification and quality assurance report.
S The certifying agency has submitted the certification letter and required summary reports. A value of "S" conveys no Regional assessment regarding data quality per se. This flag will remain until the Region provides an "N" or "Y" concurrence flag.
U Uncertified. The certifying agency did not submit a required certification letter and summary reports for this monitor even though the due date has passed, or the state's certification letter specifically did not apply the certification to this monitor.
X Certification is not required by 40 CFR 58.15 and no conditions apply to be the basis for assigning another flag value
Y The certifying agency has submitted a certification letter, and EPA has no unresolved reservations about data quality (after reviewing the letter, the attached summary reports, the amount of quality assurance data submitted to AQS, the quality statistics, and the highest reported concentrations).