Qualifier Code


The code for the qualifier affecting the sample or blank measurement. Up to 10 qualifiers may be entered for each measurement. A qualifier is any note about the data from the AQS qualifiers list (https://aqs.epa.gov/aqsweb/codes/data/QualifierCodes.html) that applies to the reported measurement.

Business Rules

Must be a valid AQS Qualifier Code.

When submitting on the RD transaction, fill Qualifier Codes in from left to right in the 10 designated fields.

Only one Excpetional (REQEX) Qualifier Code may be assigned to a single Sample Value. As many Information or Quality Assurance qualifiers may be added as there is room for. Null Reason Codes are not allowed in the qualifier fields.

Some qualifiers are disallowed for certain parameters. Consult the disallowed qualifiers code list for details (https://aqs.epa.gov/aqsweb/documents/codetables/disallowed_qualifiers.html)

Allowable values: https://aqs.epa.gov/aqsweb/documents/codetables/qualifiers.html