State Code


The FIPS code of the state in which the monitor resides. AQS uses 2-digit or character codes that identifies one of the 50 states, U. S. territories, or Washington, DC. For border sites, the code ‘80’ is used for Mexico and ‘CC’ is used for Canada.

When submitting transactions, a user may opt to use the code ‘TT’ to indicate that this data is for a Native American Tribe, and that the next field on the transaction identifies a tribal area using the Bureau of Indian Affairs tribal code.

Data in the application may be viewed in Tribal format by selecting Tribal Mode in the Admin > Security menu.

Business Rules

Must be a valid AQS state code or “TT”. Note, AQS includes non FIPS codes for sites outside of the U.S. (e.g., in Canada or Mexico).

Allowable values: